Training Team

The Training Team is a multifaceted component of the FISH infrastructure. 
Responsibilities of the team include: training new members, global health presentations, pre-trip training, Spanish language development for associates, and blood pressure competency training. 
The training team serves as the main educational component of FISH and works to strengthen the organization's understanding of ethics, cultural competency, and sustainable development.

Jessa Maheras

Jazmin Michel Mondragon

Not pictured: Pedro Bazan

Kimberly Ortega, 
Co-Director of Training

Kimberly is a first year Anthropology major from Riverside, California. She joined FISH in her first quarter as an undergraduate because she was drawn to its goal of serving an underserved community with an emphasis on cultural competency. During her time in FISH, she has learned more about global health, sustainable growth, and the different social implications associated with the health concerns in both Maclovio Rojas and Los Angeles. She has enjoyed being surrounded by other individuals passionate about service and global health, and strives to help foster that as Co-director of Training. She looks forward to helping FISHies with their Spanish proficiency and preparing them for relevant and culturally competent service in Maclovio Rojas. In her free time Kimberly loves to read, cook, and go to concerts.

Aishwarya Atmakuri, 
Co-Director of Training

Aishwarya is a first year MCDB major and Global Health minor from San Jose, California. She joined FISH in her first quarter at UCLA because she was drawn to its commitment to ethical and cultural values. FISH has taught her about global health and delivering need-based interventions. She is dedicated to providing sustainable health and education services to the community of Maclovio Rojas. In FISH, Aishwarya has found a community of driven, passionate, and genuine individuals. She hopes to use her position as Co-Director of Training to help members with Spanish proficiency, cultural competency, and global health knowledge. Outside of FISH, Aishwarya conducts research on mechanisms of cell death in tumors, is a review board member for the Undergraduate Science Journal, and is training to become a Resilience Peer for UCLA's Depression Grand Challenge. In her free time, Aishwarya enjoys exploring new places and food and spending time with friends and family.

Jakeline Larios

Anna Lockhart

Kiran Marla

Jocelyn Diaz-Navarrete