Research & Development Team

Research and Development strives to learn more about the communities we serve by networking with professionals in the medical and public health fields to inform our efforts. The team is also responsible for educating the associates of FISH in the background and health of these communities and evaluating the effectiveness of our computer lab. Currently, Research and Development is working on writing an IRB to gain a better picture of the social determinants of health using qualitative data from community members.


Chidera Anthony-Wise

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Elizabeth Kaplan

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Rakhi Banerjee

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Shivangi Goswami

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Angel Robles

Not pictured: Emily Noronha

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Kiran Marla
Co-Director of Research and Development

Kiran is a second-year Neuroscience major who was originally from Iowa. He joined FISH in Fall 2020 because he was interested in addressing community level health disparities and promoting self-sufficiency. This year as RnD director he is excited to learn more about the Maclovio Rojas community and implement solutions to address their specific needs. Outside of FISH, Kiran is involved in discussing various relevant ethical topics through AWARE, presenting math and physics workshops to underserved high schools to promote STEM through Pink Space Theory, and researching diagnostic biomarkers relating to glioblastoma in a Cancer Research Lab. In his free time, Kiran enjoys playing club tennis at UCLA, hiking, and exploring LA.

Brandon Moore
Co-Director of Research and Development

Brandon Moore is a fourth-year Human Biology and Society B.S. and Global Health minor that is serving as FISH's Co-Director of Research and Development after having joined the organization in 2019 and previously working as the Co-Director of International Relations in the 2020-21 year. Growing up in the San Diego-Tijuana border region, Brandon first became aware of the cross-border disparities in health status and access to healthcare services between the U.S. and Mexico while in high school, and has now dedicated his UCLA undergraduate education to understanding the measures that can be taken to promote sustainable development and build health equity in partnership with underserved and traditionally marginalized communities. As the Co-Director of Research and Development, he is particularly focused on creating new partnerships with Baja California-based medical schools and social service organizations in order to increase the breadth of diagnostic and health education services that FISH is able to provide to Maclovio Rojas residents, particularly through a creative collaboration with UABC medical students and faculty members that will allow for mobile blood glucose testing and pre-diabetic/diabetic health education for the Maclovio Rojas community. He is also working with his team to guide the organization towards a safe and socially responsible return to in-person trips to Maclovio Rojas after the COVID-19 pandemic, and with community leadership to identify additional gaps in care caused by the pandemic that FISH can address. Elsewhere on campus, Brandon is a member of SCOPE Patient Health Advocates, the UCLA Alumni Scholars Club, and Mortar Board, and also works as a Public Health Case Investigator for the County of San Diego. He will graduate in 2022 and plans to pursue a degree in medicine.