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Public Relations Team

The Public Relations team is responsible for the representation and portrayal of FISH to both the domestic Los Angeles community as well as the international community abroad. Public Relations creates the professional presentations, printed materials, website design and management, and other forms of visual representation for the mission, goals, and accomplishments of FISH. It is also in charge of recruitment and the various types of newsletters for the alumni, professionals, and Friends of FISH. The Public Relations team works closely with all the other FISH teams to provide all associates with the needed materials to function as a cooperative and successful organization.

Nare Arakelian
Co-Director of Public Relations

4th Year Human Biology and Society Major 
Favorite Fish: Blob-fish 
Emma Villinski_9671.jpg
Emma Villinski
Co-Director of Public Relations

3rd Year Chemistry and Materials Science Major 
Favorite Fish: Trig
ger Fish 

Not pictured: Asher Kim & Ayesha Alvi

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