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Erika Liliana Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer

Erika Liliana is a fourth-year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology B.S. with a Biomedical Research Minor originally from Turlock, CA. Erika Liliana joined FISH in 2019 as a member of International Relations Team and later served as CoDirector of Research and Development prior to assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, she is humbled to have the opportunity to lead a talented and dedicated team to address further health inequities in Maclovio brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. She hopes to create partnerships with local and international organizations, healthcare professionals, and global health experts to increase the range and quality of sustainable services provided to Maclovio. Outside of FISH, Erika Liliana is a Research Assistant in the Hsiao Lab studying the gut microbiome-brain axis and volunteers as a Spanish Medical Interpreter at the Venice Family Clinic and a clinical research associate for the Student Stroke Team at Ronald Reagan Hospital. In her spare time, she loves cooking, traveling, and exploring Los Angeles with friends.

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Anisha Chandra, Chief Administrative Officer

Anisha is a second-year pre-Human Biology & Society major and Food Studies minor from Sunnyvale, California. She joined FISH in fall 2019 to learn about health and educational disparities on a local and global level. She is constantly inspired by the people in FISH and their drive to address these complexities, whether it be in-person or online. Anisha appreciates FISH’s emphasis on sustainability, cultural sensitivity, and building genuine relationships with individuals in Maclovio Rojas. As CAO, she can't wait to facilitate a smooth transition to in-person operations and creatively address community needs as they arise. She is particularly interested in expanding FISH's health education efforts and tracking its effectiveness. Outside of FISH, Anisha is article editor for UCLA’s Total Wellness magazine, a SCOPE Patient Health Advocate, and undergraduate researcher studying the gut microbiota, food choice, and the brain. Things she likes: food photography, eating plants, running, podcasts (while running), her sock collection, climate action, good car music, sourdough, picnics, books, and the great outdoors.

Alia Cornell, Internal Relations Officer

Alia is a fourth year Human Biology and Society Major. She has been a part of FISH since her first quarter at UCLA and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her undergraduate career so far. She was drawn to FISH wanting to experience global health and international service in action and practice her Spanish. Since joining, she has gained the skills to analyze health and education disparities in a culturally competent, need-based and team driven way. Her Spanish has also improved and she enjoys using it in a meaningful way. She is proud of the sustainable and genuine connection that FISH has with leaders and members in Maclovio Rojas and hopes to empower the community further through these connections in her position as an Officer of External Relations. Alia also cherishes the life long friendships that she has made with other compassionate and like minded FISHies in the organization. Outside of FISH, Alia is an undergraduate research intern at the Fielding School of Public Health working in Global Sexual Reproductive Health. She loves working with kids and is a camp counselor for UCLA UniCamp. If not at UCLA, you could find Alia traveling and exploring a new country, camping in the middle of the woods with friends or at a taco shop eating enough guacamole to fill her for a lifetime!

Kimberly Ortega, External Relations Officer

Kimberly is a second-year Anthropology major from Moreno Valley, CA. She first joined FISH in her first year because she was drawn to its commitment to maintaining cultural humility in its approach to service. Throughout the years Kimberly has learned more about the importance of sustainability and need-based, lifestyle interventions in global health service. She has also enjoyed making memories with her fellow FISHies and collaborating with them to serve Maclovio Rojas and communities in Los Angeles. As External Relations Officer, she looks forward to communicating with the members of Maclovio Rojas to ensure that FISH is addressing the community’s concerns best. Outside of FISH, Kimberly is an intern for the One Generation Self-Measured Blood Pressure Program, a Peer Learning Facilitator for chemistry through AAP at UCLA, and is undergoing training to become an HIV counselor for HCAT at UCLA. In her free time, she loves to cook, read, watch TV, and go to concerts.

 Aishwarya Atmakuri, Operations Officer

Aishwarya is a second year MCDB major and Global Health minor from San Jose, California. She joined FISH in her first quarter at UCLA because she was drawn to its commitment to ethical and cultural values. FISH has taught her about global health and delivering need-based interventions. She is dedicated to providing sustainable health and education services to the community of Maclovio Rojas. In FISH, Aishwarya has found a community of driven, passionate, and genuine individuals. She hopes to use her position as Chief Operations Officer to ensure that all FISH activities run smoothly. Outside of FISH, Aishwarya is involved in research and public health outreach. In her free time, Aishwarya enjoys exploring new places and food and spending time with friends and family.