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Figistics (Finance and Logistics)

The Figistics Team coordinates our 15 trips and finds funding for FISH  in order to keep the organization fiscally stable. Our team manages trip sign-ups, creates the trip rosters, and takes final inventories before heading back to campus. Figistics members also assist in mapping the community and planning the logistical flow of health fair events.

Through grant writing, fundraisers and donation drives, Figistics raises funds so that FISH can continue to provide free health services and education to the Maclovio Rojas community. The team is consistently searching for new and innovative ways to raise funds in order for FISH to expand and provide more efficient care to the people we serve.

Catalina Magana_9742.jpg
Catalina Magana
Co-Director of Logistics and Finance

3rd Year Physiological Sciences Major 
Fish: Dory 
Emily Ho_9720.jpg
Emily Ho
Co-Director of Logistics and Finance

4th Year Psychobiology Major 
Favorite Fish: Stingray 

Carissa Zhu

Jessica Li_9689.jpg

Jessica Li

Not pictured: Emily Corona, Dayanira Monge, Kendall Arata, Logan Weidemann, Shilp Shah, Ava Chang

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