Logistics and Finance Team

The Logistics Team starts and ends each year planning and coordinating our 15 trips to Maclovio Rojas.  Our team manages trip sign-ups, creates the trip rosters, keeps the rest of FISH notified about the status of trips, purchases car insurance for each driver, and takes final inventories before heading back to campus. Logistics members also assist in mapping the community and planning the logistical flow of health fair events.

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Catalina Magana


Carissa Zhu

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Quynh-Anh Nguyen

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Emily Ho

Not pictured: Dayanira Monge, Susanna Givan, Chinmayee Chalamalasetti, Joseph Saba

Nicole Lee
Co-Director of Logistics and Finance

Nicole is a third-year Physiological Science major from Palos Verdes, California. She joined FISH because of its focus on equity and global health through a sustained partnership with the community of Maclovio Rojas. FISH has taught her the importance of identifying health disparities and humbly approaching healthcare and education, which she hopes to implement as a future physician. Outside of FISH, Nicole conducts research at the UCLA School of Dentistry studying salivary metabolomics, volunteers with Companion Care, and is the Volunteer Director of the Saving Hearts Foundation. In her free time, she enjoys baking, traveling, and seeing pretty sunsets at the beach.

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Jessica Li
Co-Director of Logistics and Finance

Jessica is a second-year human biology and society major from San Jose, California. She joined FISH in fall 2020 because she really resonated with its mission of providing sustainable services and healthcare equity for the community of Maclovio Rojas. Through FISH, she has not only found, but also been able to improve her Spanish speaking skills. In the upcoming year, she hopes to further dive into the operational branch of planning and coordinating trips. Outside of FISH, she can be found on a hike or run on the local trails, working as a Peer Learning Facilitator for AAP, or fixing the bugs on various projects like Find My Vax Santa Clara, a website aimed at better vaccine equity.