International Relations Team

The International Relations (IR) Team extends FISH's outreach in Mexico by fostering cross-cultural interaction between FISH and the community. FISH achieves this goal by bridging the language barrier between both parties; FISH associates are taught Spanish, and English lessons are offered for the community. In addition, community events are organized to interact with the community and familiarize themselves with our organization.

Alex Nechaev

Kelsey Kuwahara

McKenzie Koch

Ally Zweigle

Erika Higuchi

Jenifer Navarrete

Lauren Campos

Not pictured: Chinmayee Chalamalasetti

Mishta Stanislaus
Co-Director of International Relations

Mishta is a third year Human Biology and Society major with a minor in Public Affairs. She joined FISH in the fall of 2018 because she was drawn to its mission to provide sustainable service through public health and education. She finds it extremely rewarding to teach English to the children of Maclovio and watch them grow in their understanding with each trip. Being a member of this organization has changed her perspective on global health and has taught her the importance of ethics and critical thinking when performing international service. Outside of FISH Mishta is involved in TEACH, Kappa Delta Sorority, and tutoring students affected by the Syrian refugee crisis. In her free time she loves to cook, go to the beach, and travel! Mishta is excited to serve as Co-International Relations Director and to work alongside the dedicated and passionate members that make up FISH.

Brandon Moore
Co-Director of International Relations

Brandon Moore is a second-year Human Biology and Society B.S. and Global Health minor that is serving as FISH's Co-Director of International Relations after having joined the organization in 2019. Growing up in the San Diego-Tijuana border region, Brandon first became aware of the cross-border disparities in health status and access to healthcare services between the U.S. and Mexico while in high school, and has now dedicated his UCLA undergraduate education to understanding the measures that can be taken to promote sustainable development and health equity for underserved communities. As the Co-Director of International Relations, he is particularly focused on creating new partnerships with Baja California-based medical schools and social service organizations in order to increase the breadth of diagnostic and health education services that FISH is able to provide to Maclovio Rojas residents; he is also working with his team to redesign FISH's English education curriculum to align with nationally-accredited ESL standards and ensure that students are able to progress to higher levels of English proficiency over time. Brandon will graduate in 2022 and plans to pursue a degree in medicine.