Intermediate Lesson 5: Hypertension and Dental Clinic

Lesson Overview

  • Part I: Hypertension

    • Hypertension Vocab Words

    • What it is

    • Risk Factors

    • How to manage/fix it

  • Part II: Dental Clinic

    • Dental Clinic Vocab Words

    • Chart of Dental Clinic Phrases 1

    • Chart of Dental Clinic Phrases 2

  • Part III: Quiz

(1) Hypertension

Hypertension Vocab Words

  • It is important to be comfortable discussing hypertension with the community in Maclovio Rojas. Study these terms closely!

What You Need to Know

What it is

  • Hypertension comes from a diagnosis of continual high blood pressure. 

  • This happens when your blood pressure is 130 or higher/ 80 or higher.

  • Continual high blood pressure makes it hard for blood to flow through your blood vessels and may lead to heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

Que es

  • La hipertensión se pronuncia después de tener presión alta frequentemente.

  • Esto pasa cuando la presión arterial está 130/80 o más alta.

  • Tener la presión arterial frecuentemente alta hace más difícil que la sangre pueda fluir a través de los vasos sanguíneos y puede causar ataques cardíacos, derrame cerebrovascular, e insuficiencia renal.

Risk Factors                                                

  • Age

  • Race

  • Family History

  • Being Overweight or Obese

  • Not being physically active

  • Using tobacco

  • Too much salt (sodium) in your diet

  • Too little potassium in your diet

  • Drinking too much alcohol

  • Stress

  • Certain chronic conditions

Factores de Riesgo                                            

  • Edad

  • Raza

  • Historia Familial

  • Sobrepeso o Obesidad

  • No estar físicamente activo

  • Usando tobacco

  • Mucha sal (sodio) en la dieta

  • Poco potasio en la dieta

  • Mucho alcohol

  • Estres

  • Ciertas condiciones crónicas


How to manage/fix it

  • Changes in lifestyle habits can help to manage/fix hypertension.

  • Some examples of lifestyle changes are:

    • Eating a healthy diet

    • Reducing sodium intake

    • Exercising regularly

    • Maintaining a healthy weight

    • Limiting alcohol intake

Como controlar/repararlo

  • Cambios en hábitos de estilo de vida pueden ayudar a controlar/reparar la hipertensión.

  • Algunos ejemplos son:

    • Comiendo una dieta saludable

    • Reduciendo el sodio

    • Haciendo ejercicio regularmente

    • Manteniendo un peso saludable

    • Limitando el alcohol

Fill in the Blank Practice

Practice what you have learned by trying to complete the following phrases by conjugating the verb in parenthesis. To reveal the correct answer, hover over the blank box.

  1. Nosotros __________________ al centro comunitario, Aguas Calientes. (ir)

  2. Yo __________________ un lápiz. (tener)

  3. ¿Ud. __________________ al feria de salud? (venir)

(2) Dental Clinic


Dental Clinic Vocabulary

Dental Clinic Phrases


Practice what you have learned with Quizlet match. Make sure to take a screenshot when you finish!

Audio Practice

Directions: Record yourself responding to the following audio prompts as if it were a real conversation. At the end, you can review a sample conversation. 

Situation: You are assisting at the eye clinic and a client walks in.

Prompt 1

Hi, I want to check my eyes.

Prompt 2

No, but I have problems with my vision. 

Prompt 3

No, for this I use glasses Who is the optometrist?

Prompt 4

Thank you!



Hi, I want to check my eyes.

- Have you had your eyes checked before?

No, but I have problems with my vision.

- Do you see everything clearly?

Do you have something for the children?

- No, I use glasses. 

Thank you!

- No problem!  I  I  907 Westwood Blvd #402, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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