Intermediate Lesson 3: Directions

(1) Commands

Description of Commands

  • Commands in Spanish are used the same way as they are in English: to instruct someone to do something.

  • Most times, a word can be turned into a command by replacing the ending of a verb with –a/-an, or –e/-en.

  • The ending depends on the tense being used but for this lesson we will be focusing on these two endings.

  • Only one of the terms “Put” translated to “Pon” will have an –on ending.


Chart of Common Command Words

Examples of Common Situations

Fill in the Blank Practice

Practice what you have learned by trying to complete the following phrases by conjugating the verb in parenthesis. To reveal the correct answer, hover over the blank box.

  1. Uds. __________________ sus nombres por favor. (escribir)

  2. Ud. __________________ la página 10. (leer)

  3. Tú __________________ el ejercicio. (hacer)

(2) English Lessons


Description of English Lessons Phrases

  • Most of the examples that were given in the prior section may be applied when in the context of the English lessons.

  • There will be examples of more phrases that may be used in the English lessons context.

Examples of English Phrases in Real Life


Practice what you have learned with Quizlet match. Make sure to take a screenshot when you finish!

Audio Practice

Directions: Record yourself responding to the following audio prompts as if it were a real conversation. At the end, you can review a sample conversation. 

Situation: You are teaching an English lesson and the children have questions. Remember, you are speaking to children so use tú form. Pay attention to who are you addressing (a group or one student) when you answer the prompt. 

Prompt 1

Hi, I am a new student. Where do I sit?

Prompt 2

What are we supposed to be working on?

Prompt 3

I don't understand. What is the assignment?

Prompt 4

Where do I turn in my paper?



Hi, I want to check my eyes.

- There is an empty seat here. Do you need help?

What are we supposed to be working on?

- Please do the assigned exercise.

I don't understand. What is the assignment?

- Describe your favorite food.

Where do I turn in my paper?

- Put your paper there. Thank you for coming!  I  I  907 Westwood Blvd #402, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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