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FISH Standards

Inspired by the AAMC Competencies for medical students (cultural competence, oral communication, ethical responsibility, critical thinking, and reliability), the FISH Standards project establishes our collective goals as an organization. 
Project Goals
  • Demonstrate in a concrete manner that members of FISH have grown as individuals and as global health volunteers through their time in FISH

  • Hold members accountable for the quality of work they put into FISH endeavors

  • Set baseline skills and qualities that FISH members are expected to develop during their time as global volunteers

1. Professionalism

Demonstrates awareness of appropriate ways to speak and act in a variety of situations. Promotes a mature, professional, and competent image of FISH in any and all situations in which they represent the organization.

2. Spanish Competency

Demonstrates both desire and effort to improve Spanish skills, including active participation in all Spanish training opportunities and an honest effort to communicate verbally in Spanish with the people we serve.

3. Drive for Personal Growth

Demonstrates desire to improve quality of work and performance and holds self to a high standard of excellence. Takes constructive criticism positively and builds up from past mistakes or shortcomings. Takes initiative with projects and tasks and demonstrates leadership ability.

4. Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity

Demonstrates respect and sensitivity toward diverse populations, including people of different race, age, gender, socioeconomic status, disabilities, and opportunities. Always speaks to others with respect no matter their differences. Makes an effort to understand the lives and history of the community we serve as well as the root causes of its health issues and resource discrepancies.

5. Personal Accountability

Demonstrates mastery of skills necessary to role within FISH. Demonstrates ability to manage personal tasks as well as reliability. Completes tasks to the best of their ability in a timely manner without need for reminders.

6. Collaboration & Teamwork

Demonstrates capacity to work constructively in collaboration with other FISH members, despite any differences in opinions or beliefs.

7. Passion for Work

Demonstrates true personal motivation for participating in FISH’s work. Demonstrates love for and appreciation of the work we do and pride in being part of FISH.

8. Selfless Service

Demonstrates desire to serve and capacity to volunteer time in a variety of conditions with full engagement in the task, a friendly and positive attitude, and without complaint or focus on personal comfort or concerns.

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