Domestic Relations Team

Domestic Relations (DR) is responsible for maintaining relations with everyone in the United States. We are in charge of contacting health care professionals, such as doctors, nurses, etc. and receive assistance from them in any way. DR is also in charge of building and strengthening relations between FISHies, by hosting Social events, such as Dinners for 8, hiking, and karaoke. DR associates collaborate with other UCLA organizations and work to improve the Los Angeles area through volunteer activities. A new idea which is being implemented in DR is creating a mentorship program between FISH alumni, current associates, and incoming associates. DR strives to establish relationships with professionals, build stronger bonds within FISH, and improve the Los Angeles community.

Grace Horton

Casey Gilles

Alex Kashou

Rithik Kumar

Milo Ryan

Nicole Lee

Isis Doss-Wassily

Micaela Coll

Elizabeth Kaplan

Ishan Saha
Co-Director of Domestic Relations

A third-year majoring in Psychobiology pursuing a minor in Global Health, Ishan joined FISH for the unique opportunity it offers to serve marginalized communities across country borders. Originally from Dublin (California, not Ireland), Ishan grew up as a major band geek playing saxophone in jazz, concert, and marching bands. These days outside of FISH, Ishan can be found beatboxing for UCLA’s premier South Asian a cappella team, Naya Zamaana, organizing UCLA’s annual south Asian a cappella competition as Sahana Director, researching the genetic basis of brain cancer, or giving back to the LA community as a member of UCLA Student Stroke Team and Companion Care. With a strong passion for photography and art, Ishan hopes to travel to all seven continents one day to be able to witness how incredible and biodiverse our world is. Coming back for his second year on FISH, Ishan can’t wait to go on more trips to Maclovio Rojas alongside the passionate, motivated friends he has made so far and is excited to bring the organization even closer together with the rest of the Domestic Relations Committee.

Shirley Liu, 
Co-Director of Domestic Relations

Shirley is a third-year Biology major with minors in Social Thought and Food Studies. She joined FISH as a second-year in hopes of cultivating her passions for healthcare, cultural geography, social thought, and service. In addition to enriching her passions through FISH, she has been able to find a place in a family of like-minded, driven, and caring individuals. Shirley believes FISH has presented her with an unprecedented opportunity that intersects all her core principles, which includes caring for others in a sustainable, non-patronizing manner. She believes effective altruism extends beyonds one’s border and creates an example of human compassion and empathy for others to see and hopefully emulate. Outside of FISH, Shirley helps teach Basic Life Support and volunteers in a nursing home at home. In her free time, she can be found hanging out with friends, hitting the gym, taking on the city, or admiring nature.