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Domestic Relations Team

Domestic Relations (DR) is responsible for maintaining relations with everyone in the United States. We are in charge of contacting health care professionals, such as doctors, nurses, etc. and receive assistance from them in any way. DR is also in charge of building and strengthening relations between FISHies by hosting Social events, such as Dinners for 8, hiking, and karaoke.


DR associates collaborate with other UCLA organizations and work to improve the Los Angeles area through volunteer activities. A new idea which is being implemented in DR is creating a mentorship program between FISH alumni, current associates, and incoming associates. DR strives to establish relationships with professionals, build stronger bonds within FISH, and improve the Los Angeles community.

Micaela Coll
Co-Director of Domestic Relations
Bryce Ramirez
Co-Director of Domestic Relations

4th year Physiological Sciences Major
Favorite fish: Goldfish

Not pictured: Amie AdjakpleMargaret KimMia ViolaNina Parsee

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