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Beginner Lesson 3: Sentence Structure, Check-In, and Blood Pressure

(1) Sentence Structure

Description of Sentence Structure

  • Sentence structure in Spanish similar to sentence structure in English but it is more flexible.

  • Normally, both languages structure sentences in the following way: Subject, Verb, Object (SVO).

  • However, sometimes the sentence structure slightly differs.

  • For the purposes of this lesson, we will be focusing on sentences that match the sentence structure in English.

Chart of Correct Sentence Structure


Practice what you have learned with Quizlet match. Make sure to take a screenshot when you finish!

(2) Check-In and Blood Pressure

Check-In Phrases

Blood Pressure Phrases

Audio Practice

Directions: Record yourself responding to the following audio prompts as if it were a real conversation. At the end, you can review a sample conversation. 

Situation: You are checking someone in for blood pressure then interpreting their results.

Prompt 1

Hi, how are you? I am here for my blood pressure.

Prompt 2

I am 56 years old.

Prompt 3

What are my results?

Prompt 4

What is the normal range?



Hi, how are you? I am here for my blood pressure.

- Good morning, I am well. We have some basic questions. How old are you?

I am 56 years old.

- Thanks, please go to the blood pressure station.

What are my results?

- Your blood pressure reading is 112/76
What is the normal range?

- The normal range is 120/80

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